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App for a more colourful life

It seems that we are rarely bored and never taking a break from these devices.

Therefore this application aims to make users more conscious about time and how well they spend it. With a true belief that life is worth living only outside the screen! 

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“Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you.”


Appetite comes with eating,

so it is with the appreciation of daily activities and a fulfilled day. I am concerned, that for the time being, we are less and less hungry for the real deal, especially during this pandemic, when our daily routines mainly consist of screens. It seems that we are rarely bored and never taking a break from these devices.

Therefore I have restored an old idea of mine, that had for a target to make my day more fulfilled, and, for that precise moment, it worked! Therefore this project was turned into a new prototype - and I had a great opportunity to try out the UI/UX design.

Although it might seem odd to attack this doubt with an alternative of the same sort - an application, I found that this is also probably the most effective one.

Let me know what You think of it!

Add a comment down below.

*it's nicer from the desktop...


An app for a more "colourful" life


is the most precious resource we have

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How fulfilled is Your            ?


So the question is...

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by desktop 

screen activity

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by phone

screen activity

is it relevant what You do?

location timeTable-01.png

by location

tracking if and where You move

Digital solution

To better understand the concept, as an example, You can have a look at your screen time on your iPhone. TimeTable application would be the same at some sort, except that it tracks ALL of Your screen time and understands what You are doing (improving with AI). Since You cannot fully disconnect for a whole day, can you? 😉

Productivity app_1.png

Time theory

A little while ago I was struggling with self-motivation - that truly bothered me. Therefore I started to look for possible solutions to get out of this self-destructive mindset and found that the most effective solution is to collocate time by category and add colour to it. Since we, as human beings, are very visually oriented.

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Time managment.png
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Long term contributions.

Focus on creating continuous
financial stability.


Life mostly outside the screen.

Meaningful, positive experiences in many different contexts.


Educational and professional practices.
Studying, working, doing homework,
planning, arranging, etc.


Physical and intellectual practices.
Experiencing things like meeting people,
doing sports, thinking, reading books, cooking, drawing, listening to music.

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Asset 14.png

Personal Growth

Whatever drives You.

What would you do if there 
were no constraints?


Lost Time

Wasting Your time.

Doing something that is unnecessary
or does not produce any benefit.


Working on Your dreams.
Learning something new, planinng
an adventure, crafting, building something. Having faith in Yourself!


Binge-watching, endless scrolling on
social networks, ineffectiveness,
lack of focus, etc.


Thanks for submitting! 😉

Thank You

for following up so far!

To be honest I am deeply concerned about screen addiction and moving away from reality, especially for the new generations to come. I truly believe that life is worth living only outside the screen and our devices should be only used as tools to maximize efficiency and not a life for itself. It sometimes seems that we are so full with ourselves, that we tend to forget that we are actually doing quite good. 

I consider social media addiction as one of the major problems in modern society. It comes with a greater promise for connectivity, but also with a depressing truth of inhumanity.

The Problem Statement:

Life Time vs. Screen Time

and more...

To be continued...

What if You could see Your timeline?

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