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A brief history of


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It started with a simple problem


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A brief history of


It started with a simple problem - hard to find a suitable pencil case for my school needs. I went to several shops in Riga looking for my "artistic pen holder" And all I found was this:

After a bitter disappointment, I took my grandmothers sewing machine and decided that I'm going to create my own!

Although I had some sewing background (restoring an old canapé) this was not a simple task...

I made a few sketches and several tryouts - it came out looking like this... not great, not terrible. The decision was to take it to a more experienced sewer and here was the result! 

An easy to use, premium pencil case for a student. Sweet! :)

Well, I couldn't have stopped here, right? :) So I gathered a few friends, who thought it was possible to sell this. We took participation in some fairs and people liked it, we sold almost everyone we got. We even made a crowdfunding campaign, that on the other side wasn't too successful. We had made no plans on marketing. Sadly, at this point, we all got carried away by our universities - the project stopped.

Until recently I decided that I'm going to renew this vision by redesigning the packaging and putting them online for everyone, who is willing to have one! And You can be one of them!

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