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Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment.

piaui creative group

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Esthetically pleasing products with distinct identity

Esthetically pleasing products

the Vision

All of it starts with the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.






of the future.

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the Design

From the most beautiful interfaces to the most aesthetic shapes. From one pixel to the entire city - that is what stands for. Aesthetics is the word.

a Product

product is the item offered for sale. A product can be a service or an item. It can be physical or virtual or cyber form.

Piaui design mission is to create the best-looking products efficiently with future demands and money-making in mind. To do so there is a perfectly planned system that brings ideas from drawing board to the factory line, an idea to working prototype in a matter of a few days.

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Unique interor item search engine. Highly used all around the world.

Set of programmes and products to accumulate the Latvian language in the modern era. (drop down)

      1. Way to help million people (Latvians) by giving access to top books in Latvian in audio format

      2. Develop conversationally ai in Latvian, for translations to speech and conversations (psychologist)

      3. Learning Latvian, collaboration with DuoLingo

      4. Cultural selection of coolest Latvian music

      5. Vinyl store

      6. Podcast

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Highly luxurious and exclusive fashion trademark.

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World wide known bags & cases producer with refined brand.

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App for a more colourful life

Most beautiful self-motivation app

Minimalistic everyday travel gear

the Innovation

Innovation is the process of creating value by applying novel solutions to meaningful problems.

2 things on how to sell design


What is Your style?


The story of the joy of creation.

Piaui creative group structure


In house projects


Projects with big clients

WBS-based compensation system - work as much as You want. More work more money.

Reaserch & Discovery

Let's say I've done my reaserch on life with many experiences

Ideation & Definition

Now I am in the ideation phase with nesecity to define my understanding of success.

Test &

Test ideas, concepts, designs, products, people, places - everything.


Deliver the best life

Ever turning circular motion.



What are we selling?

is a our tool.



is Your selling point

is the target.




•Visual Identity

•User Interface/experience


•Hands-on sketching and illustrating

•Content creation



•Sculpting and 3D modelling

How are we selling it?


What is Your style?

I believe that design must be intuitive, satisfying and convenient.


The joy of creation.

Experience with international cleints and environments for various clients with diverse visual demands.

The story of joy for piaui

To whom are we selling?

Selling internationaly via cloud and on-site client visits all over the world to local design projects for various clients with diverse visual demands

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